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Are you tired of feeling trapped in your business, unable to break free from the never-ending cycle of overwhelm and stagnation?

As a mission-driven online business owner with a growing business, you’ve experienced the frustration that arises when you lack the necessary systems and strategies to scale with ease and sustainability. Without a solid foundation in place, your dreams of exponential growth and freedom remain distant aspirations, always just out of reach. 

At Aligned Scaling Consultants, we empathize with these challenges. We’ve seen countless passionate business owners struggle to break through to the next level of their business.

We got you!

We are a dedicated duo who specialize in being the catalyst for your business transformation.

We are here to partner with you and guide you on a growth path, providing you with customized systems, expert insights, and high-level management that will unlock the door to sustainable growth and untapped potential. 

Say goodbye to spinning in circles and embrace a future where scaling becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on what you love most – making a lasting impact in the world. 

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Meet Teresa, Your Systems Expert


Ashlee Sang - Brand Messaging Strategist & Consultant

Teresa made the big, scary web of systems more approachable with clear examples, custom workflows, and a huge base of business knowledge to pull from. We covered not just “systems,” but how my marketing, sales, client delivery, and overall time spent in my business can be broken down and put together to create a cohesive, efficient ecosystem. She focused on prioritizing my time and energy as a business owner so that my growth could be both sustainable and intentional.

Alexis Artin

Andrea has been the answer to my prayers. I was not able to get out of my own way before hiring her, whether it was the small things, the big things, or anything in between. Bringing Andrea onto my team has changed everything.It has allowed me to focus on my zone of genius and get out of the weeds that I don’t thrive in. She was able to implement systems, she was able to manage my team. She was able to really not just just help me with the day to day of my business, but the long term visioning and strategy and implementation for my business.Time is money. And she really did create a certainty through her reliability, through her skill sets, through her resources, through her experience.I would say run, don’t walk to hire this incredible woman if you are really looking to not just grow your business and not just the drive in your business, but also in your life, because you really do have a better quality of life when your career is in such capable hands.

Catherine Hale - Business Coach

I now have a system that has so many of the previously clunky processes streamlined. Teresa worked her magic on my business – identifying where the major challenges were and the systems that needed to be put in place to rectify them.

She always had a solution when a problem arose and found ways to implement it quickly and effectively.

I’m really happy with the system that was created- it’s making the previously clunky processes streamlined and time effective – which is exactly what I wanted.

I would highly recommend working with Teresa if you are looking to grow your business in an easeful way. Systems work!!

Majo Molfino

Andrea has been my business manager for the last nine months, and it’s been an incredible experience. I couldn’t recommend her more, and I’ll tell you why.
In nine months, we basically transferred my entire curriculum over to a new platform. We developed an onboarding and offboarding system and protocol for all new students.We established email automations and funnels so that both on the marketing end, but also sales so that students could come in to the program with ease.We really covered so much and accomplished so much in the last nine months that it’s really hard to imagine having done it without her.  Andrea is extremely thoughtful. She’s very efficient, she’s extremely organized, but she’s also calm. So as an entrepreneur, when you’re freaking out and you’re going through all your ups and downs, she’s that steady energy that’s there. So that presence and that support, emotional support, but also system support are invaluable. As an entrepreneur, I really think, thanks to working with her, I freed up so much energy and time to enroll women into my program and generate more revenue, generate the most revenue I’ve ever generated through my programs. Because Andrea was taking care of all the back end and was taking care and making sure that the women were coming in smoothly and they were leaving the program smoothly. 

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